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Writing about oneself or having someone else do it, in the context of a website, is a strange and artificial task. What voice does one use? Who was I, am I, and what do I wish to present as myself in the world at this moment, and moving forward?

The main point for me would be, with respect to anything I offer in the Healing-Mentoring arena, to provide enough information to enable someone to know whether I am a person who they wish to work with, who would seem to engender trust and possess the skills needed to help one make some headway wherever support is called for.

In the areas of my creativity– with these same spiritual principles underlying– I would obviously hope to incite some enthusiasm for projects I felt called to birth into the world. Who I am and what I do– ideally– wishes to be inseparable. All is offered up in gratitude for that which I have been given; and I don’t see that we honor such gifts if we keep them to ourselves.

I hope you will spend some time here. Everything I devote energy to strives to inspire, connect, generate gratitude and appreciation, bring more positive to the world than negative, and reflect back to you your own best qualities, by way of us each possessing a unique piece of this puzzle of life, and the ability to throw another shoulder under the canoe in creating a world which embraces, encourages and nurtures all to be shared… and the Garden to be achieved.


David Michael Bartholomew


The highest compliments we can receive come in the form of feedback from wonderful clients, friends, vendors. I am blessed to get to work with so many wonderful people, across the gamut of all my products and services and appreciate the thoughts they share.

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Press Releases

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Healing related

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  • DMB Healing Flyer— sharable pdf detailing how healing/mentoring/coaching work might look, how to prepare, etc.
  • Client History Form— to be printed and completed prior to any personal work we might do.
  • Liability Release Waiver
  • DMB Graphotherapy Flyer— detailing this powerful work, what your handwriting says about you, how you can use it to free yourself from anything standing between you and your joy. Includes an exercise to play with on your own.
  • DMB Graphotherapy After Session Flyer— a summary of what comes next after your session– practice, integration, next steps.
  • The Consecration of the Sanctuary Prayer— a favorite, truly effective reminder for anyone in crisis, that we are connected and safe. * Read it out loud to yourself– speak it into the space– and trust that the urgency will pass.

Plant Medicine/Shamanic

  • A General Introduction to the Ayahuasca Experience— a 15 page introductory pdf, (which saves me an hour per person!) intended to answer all first-timer questions, and provide some nuance on preparation, practice and integration, even for a more experienced practitioner– by way of comparing and contrasting two traditions in which I participate. Squeezed in is everything I can think of to help you decide what this is, can be and how to maximize what can be gotten from it.
  • Some Thoughts on Entities, Intrusions, Etc.— a spiritual/shamanic/healing resource intended to assist those who have come to me with questions and concerns about energies, entities, voices, presences, soul intrusions, which has calmed a good number of people and provided enough insight to breathe down the immediacy of a situation here or there.

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