As we entrain into the Oneness, I believe we can come to a place where we remember and embrace our sacred contract to be here, and to experience all we have signed-on for.

From this perspective– all can be seen as material to work with, and we:

  • see the gift/opportunity/reward within any challenge
  • witness all simply as example of a way to be or a way not to be
  • choose what we keep– thus becoming self-made
  • forgive one’s self for being the work in progress that s/he is
  • and thus transcend the bulk of earthly suffering.

Now walking with a foot in both worlds, we see that nothing has ever been lost; find our essence intact; & begin living forward into greater and greater joy, gratitude and fulfillment.

None higher, none lower. This is who— we can remind each other– we are.

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 It is your Natural right, your God-given right, your Constitutional right(via freedom of expression, religion, etc.) to take and/or reclaim personal responsibility for your spiritual/mental/physical health and well-being.
The information on this page is aimed at helping you achieve this purpose.

How I Work

Download Healing Flyer
Download Healing Flyer

A large part of my life is the ongoing study of various alternative healing modalities, as they dovetail in with spirituality and our human potential.

As such, I have accumulated certifications in the Graphotherapy system of Vimala Rodgers (more info and to purchase dvd– will open new window), Reiki, the LaChance Method of Emotional Release, Core Shamanism (Soul retrieval, soul extraction, healing drum, etc.), Touch for Health, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Esoteric Healing, Applied Physiology, Synchronistic Harmonic Attunement, and more… over the course of the last 40-plus years.

Between these and additional study in numerous other areas, I have synthesized what I consider to be a method of body/energy/spiritual/emotional work that: *Honors the Needs of the Client, *by Incorporating the Appropriate Tools in each case. My obligation is to hold a space that:
• Allows clients to experience empowering safe male (and in the case of joint sessions– female) energy for perhaps the first time;
Honors each process as unique;
• Facilitates one to reclaim his/her power in the areas of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse;
• Encourages the release of fear;
Opens up creativity and self-expression;
Removes the blocks and barriers between one and one’s dreams/goals/ambitions;
• Expands the comfort zone with respect to receiving love and abundance of all kinds, first from within and ultimately from without;
• Guides the individual toward a perspective of wisdom that understands why what happened… had to happen in their growth and unfoldment; and
• Strives to complete in a manner that sends one off more centered, grounded, and in possession of better tools with which to peel each subsequent layer of “the onion”.
This is all undertaken in an environment that is client driven, and only with permissions having been granted.

Put simply–

Download Graphotherapy Flyer

We allow that we are both present;
with clear intent that the highest good be served;
that the Universe/God/Goddess/Spirit supports us; and
what needs to happen… will happen.

A simple process unfolds out of:
the recognition that, “Things are at play in my life that no longer serve me.”;
the choice to understand and release them; and
trust that this will happen.
All of this work may be done in person. Much of it may also be done long-distance.

[**Should you believe it is more appropriate for you to work with a female please consider visiting my wife, Joan Clark’s website. We believe, whether one is male or female, that we must each work to correct/amend/bring into balance both our divine male and divine feminine aspects. We honor your sense of what is most appropriate for you at a given time; your commitment to your path; and your trust in either of us.]

Precepts/Guiding Principles

  • I choose to view the concept of healing by way of seeing us all as always, already whole, and perhaps just in need of a good cleaning of our filters that don’t allow us to see ourselves as such.
  • I choose to see all as light— God/dess, Spirit, by whatever name you prefer— that entered into a conscious agreement to forget this once upon a time… and which has been on a path ever since… back toward that remembering.
  • While there may be forces or energies that present themselves as dark or evil in the minds of some, I choose to view these as light as yet unrevealed to itself and/or tests in support of our mastery of hurdles cleared, and of the holding of only that which is light.

    I do not see where the naming of something as evil, cutting it off from the acceptable, stuffing it, denying it… allows for much compassion, the bringing of it back into the light or an ability for it to be healed.

  • I choose to see us each as a work in progress, who is always exactly where he or she needs to be.
  • I continue to choose to concentrate on all I can do to cleanse and clear myself, get out of the way of it, become the hollow bone…

    … and to trust my Expanded Self to support me, and Spirit to handle the rest.

  • You become the driver of your session and nothing proceeds without your permission being given.

(I acknowledge the light within you, that is also within me)

Assalamu Alaikum
(peace be with you)

In Lak’ech
(I am another yourself.)

Permissions and Self-Responsibility

Especially in this world where so many have had trust violated in any number of ways, I reinforce again and again that nothing happens in this work without permission. I will explain this in the beginning of a session, and in all likelihood continue to check in that the person is still all right a number of times throughout– reminding that such permission may be revoked at any time.

I do not enroll people to come to me for this work beyond simple explanation of what is possible here. And I haven’t considered offering gift certificates for such work. All because– a person has to get themself to the session. They have to believe it is for them, that they are ready for a shift, to stand in the fire, to do the work.

All this is to say– we work here on a Self-Responsibility Model. You will be treated as an empowered person; you will be given tools to reclaim your personal power where it may have been lost or taken. Both of us enter into this sacred bond. This is the impeccability required.


I have been honored to work with and bear witness to client-friends who are truly courageous in their search for wholeness, and unstoppable on the way toward the fulfillment of sharing their unique talents, gifts and abilities in the world. Here’s what a few of them have to say of this work undertaken together:

  • Thank you for an amazing warm, loving, supportive, safe release, and for instilling in me a new state of being, in peace and balance.Our Guides are truly all-knowing and I was in need of your treatment. S.M.
  • David, Words do not truly express the gratitude for your visit/healing/spiritual guidance of Sunday. Many thanks. M.P.
  • For over 25 years David has been the best teacher, a true and constant friend who has always been willing and able to listen to me talk about my experiences, my state of mind and offer invaluable insights. His perspective has consistently enlightened me, helping me through some of the most difficult times in my life and making some of the great times better. D.H.
  • Over the years I’ve benefited hugely from his razor-sharp wit, wild humor, fierce loyalty, and tremendous spiritual vitality. David never fails to provide an invigorating influx of positivity as well as a sense of context and honoring the lesson at hand. C.M.
  • Thank you for being there and holding the space that you do. T.T.
  • Thank you again so much. I am very grateful for your help, and for Spirit’s help through you. S.C.B.
  • Thank you David for your support. It is amazing. V.K.
  • When David worked with me, I was holding on to alot of tension and stress, and his energy work helped me to release it and open up again. His words were powerful and filled with truth, and I believe that Spirit talks through him. It was an amazing experience that helped me a lot. C.B.
  • Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Love Light Liberty and Profound Healing! Thank you David! Indeed! Thank you for the power and presence of everything that you are! Thank you for the prayer and the focus of your intentions! Thank you for the unconditional love, clear communication and guidance that liberated the space I needed to open the pathways and navigate such profound transformation! Thank you for supporting the sacred space of my spirit! Thank you for being a Guardian and a Steward of the Light! I am FOREVER grateful!!! The services that you provide are truly amazing! – as are YOU! Blessings! A.A.
  • Dear David , Thank you again for the healing that you did on me. Whenever I go down, you come before my eyes and I hear your words and I trust them. What you did for me brought me back to my essence. The world is safe, I feel safe and I know what to do now with my whole heart. You watered the seed of trust, love, faith, being worthy and every thing that I need for my journey. I needed to hear all of it from you! Now I have the balance. Thank you for being in this world, like a fresh breeze washing away my doubts, and making my faith strong. I love the God and light in you and I pray for you to touch and heal more lives along your journey, and be a pure light for all to see. Namaste, A.M.
  • Thank you so much for all your loving care today. I feel a clearing and shifting— a healing peace within. Thank you for moving my pain and allowing me to trust male energy. P.O.
  • It was a pleasure to work with David. His diverse spiritual knowledge allowed him to offer me to just what I needed to hear and at the right time, and as a result, my fire burns a little bit brighter. G.P.
  • Our work together was much more gentle than I expected, and I was astounded at the magnitude of the result as contrasted with the ease of our session. He was extremely respectful, and compassionate. I felt at ease and in charge the whole time—free to speak or be silent as I chose… The space David created for this experience felt very expansive… I continue to welcome and integrate a vital and powerful part of me that was hidden for so many years. David’s professionalism and kindness made it accessible and natural. I would give him the highest possible recommendation for this type of treatment. J.B.

A Few Thoughts on Cost, Donations, Energy Exchange… in relation to Abundance (issues)

Many people choose to handle payment/donation up front. I prefer to allow the client to experience what the treatment ended up being for him/her. Then consider:

  • the guideline of the suggested donation of $125/one-hour-plus session.
  • the value— in the immediate afterglow, and in what you anticipate will unfold from it more deeply over time— of that which you received.
  • the concept of energy exchange— that received matching that which has been given.
  • the preparation put in prior to the actual session, that given in the session, and that support which continues after the session.
  • that none are turned away for lack of funds.
  • that those who believe they have received much… basically can allow for the tithing and scholarships of those less fortunate.
  • the philosophy that “our living small no longer serves the world”.
  • and finally, consider what it is to stretch the comfort zone in the way of the new co-creator in a quantum universe.Good, Spiritual People need to stop playing poor, and continuing to function from the place of “Money is the root of all evil!” This myth has served the powerful for too long, and it is time for all to reclaim their personal power and equality.*Similarly– Spiritwork received needs to be valued and not taken advantage of. Pre-session calls/meetings, the sessions themselves and all follow-ups… take time; time is limited; and all this is time taken away from other things. So– please be in alignment.

    For my part– I just show up where called and allow that Spirit handles the rest.

    As one begins to view money as just energy, and the perceived lack of it as just another part of the illusion, it can become an exercise of faith and trust and an act of power that allows You, the co-creator, to stretch more— and to basically put the cart before the horse by making a stand that this is the energy and at-stakeness I bring to this work, and lay on the table in the name of my own healing and growth… that I trust the universe will replenish and deliver upon manyfold.

    History has given us many examples of those who have manipulated money from both sides of the equation: from greed, control, manipulation and power over… as well as manipulation from the illusion of weakness, a sense of poverty consciousness, unworthiness, non-deserving and the denying of one’s own divinity, self-love and equal place at the table, for which one need take on equal accountability. Any of this can simply be looked at as fear, which can be transceneded.

    I take the stand that each who comes before me is whole and powerful and equally-deserving… and that each shall claim this for him/her Self. All that the Universe wishes for any of us— is to be in our Joy. Period. Now let’s get to work!

Downloadable Flyers (pdf’s)

  • DB Healing Flyer (prints as 2 pages, 900kb). A 2-sided tri-fold flyer detailing all of my healing work, and includes how to prepare for a session, what to expect, how to finish off, etc.
  • DB Graphotherapy Flyer (prints as 2 pages, 316kb). A 2-sided tri-fold flyer detailing my graphotherapy work, in support of my Instructional Graphotherapy Videos.
  • Client History Sheet (prints as 1 page, 64kb). A one page sheet a new client will be asked to fill out prior to the first session. Printing out and filling out at home can speed things up once here for a session.
  • Graphotherapy After-Session Form (prints as 1 page, 108kb). This is printed 3-up, and is an inventory I generally give out after a graphotherapy session… but in case I forget! Or in case you want to get an idea what you might be signing on for.
  • Consecration of the Sanctuary Prayer (prints as 1 page, 20kb). I have had a good number of people contacting me who seem to be more and more in crisis. This is a prayer that I continue to invoke in some of the most intense work I do. I believe that, regardless of your belief system, it can truly calm the waters for you, and offer this up not as a placebo, but with the conviction that it will help ease things until we help you bring more tools to bear on the situation. You can read this as is, or substitute in a few words that bring it more in alignment with your concepts of Divinity, the Creative Force and all of that which protects you, especially in time of need. I like to think of the Sanctuary both as the place where I am physically located at the time and the space that is me and within me.
  • For those experiencing spirit or energy intrusions, voices, etc.: Please read the following flyer before contacting me. There are bits of information and tools here that can help these become manageable until you get a hold of me or another healer/facilitator who can work with such situations. Click on this link for Some Thoughts On Entities, Intrusions, Etc. You are not weird; you are most likely not crazy; there is work that can be done to clear undesired energies; and you are supported.
  • Cancer Information. As I am consistently being asked to forward information on Rene Caisse— Canada’s Cancer Nurse— and her herb combination used to alleviate and cleanse cancer from the body, I have consented to post this information. The three pdf’s were compiled by a friend, and I had always gotten the raw herbs from Herb Products in North Hollywood, CA; they are out of business now and gave a recommendation and shout-out to Starwest Botanicals— but you can get them anywhere. Best directions: I use the method from the I-do-not-use pdf, using the quart of disilled water with 2 tablespoons of herbs. And then one can decide from page 2 of the RC4herbs pdf (Suggested Use section) what dosage/frequency one would wish to use, based on one’s condition. Numerous companies pre-package “Essiac” (her last name spelled backward). Some of these are quite expensive and one cannot know the quality control used in a given case. I hope you will consider using a reputable purveyor of raw herbs and give yourself your best fighting chance. This material is for information only. CanadasCancerNurse.pdf, RC4herbsOrig-sv.pdf, I-do-not-use_4532.pdf
  • Ayahuasca Information. As a growing number of people have asked me for introductory information in consideration of a first ayahuasca experience, I have compiled the following document. This is for information purposes only, and contains numerous disclaimers as to one consulting a doctor, giving dedicated accounting to one’s physical and emotional state, being clear on any potential conflicts in medicines or dietary intake, exercising one’s personal responsibility, accountability and power in assessing whether this is truly for oneself, etc. Click here to download. Be safe, be prudent, do your due diligence.
  • I offer up things freely, in service, but as you feel you have received something worthwhile, and are motivated to support my art and expression, it is greatly appreciated. Such gifts allow the energy to keep flowing. Please click on the button to proceed (donation will show up on your card as Hyphenate Productions/Joan Clark’s). Thank you!


I find I am continually being asked to recommend materials— books, movies, workshops etc.— that can be used as positive input to complement the work we do. What follows is a very incomplete list, but that hopes to provide some direction. We (my wife Joan Clark and I) believe in the concept of garbage in, garbage out and choose to honor its preferable opposite. To maintain a higher vibration in this world we choose to maintain a steady diet of positive input— to entrain to, and to counter the lower vibrational consciousness of those not yet ready to play in the realms of positivity, self-responsibility and co-creating one’s reality in tandem with Spirit.

I humbly advise you to trust which, if any, of these might be for you, as can be made evident by trusting one’s intuition, the a-ha experience, the sense of the light bulb going on as you read of one of these or another, etc. As you do this you will find your own natural progression, along your unique path. The following are offered simply as the beginning of a trail of bread crumbs that have been left for you, such as we have found these and other things to have been left for us.

Our Blogs, Websites, Social Networks, Etc.

  • My David Michael Bartholomew Facebook Page hopes to become a more focused place for uplifting postings, hopefully not too far in the future.
  • The One World Flag website highlights that international symbol of diversity, of which I am the originator.
  • My wife, Joan Clark’s Joan Clark’s Palais Aromaetica Website details all of her teaching, holistic healing, mentoring, aromatic and sacred travel work.
  • Once upon a time we put out five years’ worth of an inspirational monthly newsletter/magazine called DoingIt!– a Journal of Positive Living. That is sadly no more, but it has been archived into a pdf which can be purchased here (will take you off-site to our mutual shopping cart).


The Writings of myself and my wife, Joan Clark. **Look for news in the relatively near future, of more soon-to-be-published offerings from Joan and me. For now please consider visiting the Books section of for her Mary Magdalene Daily Devotional, MaryMagdalene’s Walk of the Resurrection, manuals for the Aroma*Essentials and Aroma*Woman product lines and certification courses, our archive of all issues of DoingIt!– a Journal of Positive Living, and more.

The Big Ones. Of the last number of years the books I have most highly recommended, as those which may help anyone to move to the next level of consciousness/mindfulness and maintain it (beyond my concept of the limitations of The Age of Commiseration, what Caroline Myss calls woundology, into what Robert Scheinfeld calls Phase II thinking, etc.), are:

  • Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn
  • Loving What Is by Byron Katie
  • Busting Loose from the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld
  • A Course in Miracles
  • I Am Word (and his entire body of work) by Paul Selig
  • The Infinite Way (and his entire body of work) by Joel Goldsmith. These can be searched for on the internet. Most, to my knowledge, provide some free downloads and/or resources to help you decide whether their work might be for you. All, in my experience, work us toward maintaining the new paradigm of self-responsibility, and appreciating everything that happens as perfect, as raw source material provided for our growth, etc. And all bring an added dimension to most of the prosperity consciousness I see out there, that focuses more on material stuff, and which stops shy of applying the same principles to overall spirituality.
  • Finding/Kickstarting Your Passion and Creativity. In helping folks who are stuck or in a rut, needing to take an act of power for themselves– along with the Graphotherapy work mentioned above and below– the work I most often end up recommending is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. This is a 12-Week program you are guided through, which primarily takes not much more than 20 minutes per day, plus a little bit of extra reading and a weekly assignment. If you pick up the book in a bookstore, read through the roman numeral pages at the beginning: these will take you through the program, explain everything, and leave you at a point where you decide to sign a contract with yourself to undertake the work. You will ride a roller-coaster during the course of this time, and she will be right there with you. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards will take anyone down an amazing path of coming to be able to draw.
  • Heroes Journey/Quest books. I have always been a sucker for the hero’s journey, and pulling far enough back from the immediacy of the reality of my life to witness archetypal forces and lessons and opportunities for rites of passage, etc. at play.These can take the form of non-fiction in such as the comparative mythology and religion of The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell (also great on audio cd or video dvd as the series in which he was interviewed by Bill Moyers) and The Illustrated World’s Religions by Huston Smith; or as fiction, as in the work of Carlos Castaneda, Lynn Andrews, Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior and related), Illusions by Richard Bach, The Legend of Bagger Vance (the book goes about 15 levels deeper than the movie, and no you don’t have to like golf to like the book), and more. And I also like to send people who are more at the beginning of their awakening to Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss (also great as a book on tape), again, to bring to the forefront the idea of one’s life as more symbolic, metaphorical, archetypal… than literal.
  • Let Every Breath… by Vladimir Vasiliev and Scott Meredith. This is a foundational book for the modern day particpant of Systema, the Russian Martial Art; but it is also a great work to draw anyone’s attention to the healing quality of breath. Breathing is a primary focus of all of the healing work I facilitate. We stop breathing when we are in fear. We can use the breath to guide ourselves to realizations about— the degree in which we take in the actual breath of life, or sigh out so much perceived pressure and responsibility, etc.I find I refer a lot of clients toward some sort of both active and passive breathwork, prayer, meditation, contemplation, etc… as a means toward self-awareness, toward healing, toward breathing through the heart and trusting in Spirit, people in their lives, life in general, one’s degree of worthiness and deserving-ness in life, overall healing and well-being, and so much more. And this book is a good starting point, along with some basic exercises we often execute together during session.
  • Books on Core Shamanism. It seems many people are opening to the ancient practices of core shamanism, using such as one of a number of methods one can do for oneself, by way of journeying with the help of spirit teachers, guides, etc.I recommend Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner, Soul Retrieval and other books by Sandra Ingerman. Along with a cd of drum or other music calibrated to a specific range of beats-per-minute (which can be purchased through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies), one can learn to journey for oneself, begin to trust their own intuition, information received, and thus be reclaiming more of the personal power so many have relinquished to others. Sandra and Michael can be googled as well for many more of their own resources.

    **Providing tools for you to reclaim your intuition and personal power is one of the foundations of my work. None of us has special abilities that others cannot achieve or attain. Sure, we each may have different strengths and leanings, but as far as the ability to know oneself and to intentionally help oneself and one another, it is my firm belief that we can each help one another in our times of strength and clarity, and ask for and receive the support we need from trusted others in those out-of-sorts times as well. This, to me, is the core of where we are headed, and is this millenium’s version of we are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain.**

  • Ishmael and the body of work of Daniel Quinn. Truly groundbreaking and can be really startling, as it forces us to truly step back from much-ingrained thinking as to who we humans are. Do we wish to continue to be Takers? Puts into perspective a lot of things with respect to service, philanthropy, ending disease and hunger, etc. I would carefully advise on this one— be careful what you wish for! It really is Phase II thinking at its ultimate, but some are hesitant to go this far into it right off the bat. The movie Instinct with Cuba Gooding and Anthony Hopkins was very loosely based on this, and it only covers the most peripheral aspects of the meat of the book.
  • obviously there are many more books that have factored in to who I have become, and which I believe can be of value to others. With time I may add more here.


  • What the Bleep Do We Know?. One of the first prosperity consciousness movies. Still good, especially if you are really vigilant to apply the Phase II-type (see Busting Loose book above) consciousness to it.
  • The Secret. Same advice as What the Bleep. Both of these movies can gain you access to other writers/speakers in the quantum thought genre that you may resonate with and choose to delve into. I advise one to move past using such for abundance purposes alone, and similar pitfalls of life as a “spiritual” person who has not yet grounded principles of service, discipline, etc. into one’s life. All of these materials become infinitely richer as one incorporates more spiritual maturity into the equation.
  • Peaceful Warrior. A good adaptation of Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.
  • The Celestine Prophecy. I felt the book by James Redfield and this movie each had certain limitations (specific to couching spiritual principles within an action setting intended to engage readers/viewers)… but I quickly forgave them their literary/cinematic sins because I was willing to be drawn into the material and the message.
  • Conversations with God. Based on the books. Same comment as Celestine above.
  • Renegade. This is not for everyone. It is basically a fable (with its moral of the story) of an ayahuasca experience, and the inherent (again) rising above maya/illusion type realization resulting from it… worked into a western. The scenes of the ayahuasca experiences at the end of the movie are as realistic as I have seen. The lessons of— the illusion of us being separate from one another, Spirit, etc., in these bodies, is presented well, as is the shamanic feel of the wisdom of the Indians who take these people through their journey.
  • A sampler of movies that show us that things are exactly as they should be: Whether these were intended as spiritual fare or not, I read into them really great messages about trusting that things work out… always. Groundhog Day with Bill Murray; Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow; and August Rush.

Audiotapes and series

  • As mentioned above, Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss.
  • Potentially any of the channeled information of Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks), Ramtha (J.Z. Knight) [both of What the Bleep and/or the Secret], and others… as you feel you resonate with the presentation of any of these.Note: I believe wisdom is wisdom. If something is said that speaks to you and provides value in your life, you might still be able to incorporate it into your world and personal view, whether or not you believe in, or have a conversation in your head about, the idea of people channeling others. If we are all God; if we are co-creating an outer world that reflects back to us what we need— in order to learn and grow, in order that we achieve our highest in any given moment— then any of the particulars of such that could otherwise knock one out of the conversation, and thus the lessons and opportunity available out of the conversation can be rendered moot.
  • and pretty much anything by Eckhart Tolle, Terence McKenna and Ram Dass.

Intuitive Practices. etc.

I have known many intuitive people in my life. And I finally began working my way around toward honoring my own intuition, which I emphasize to all as a part of reclaiming one’s personal power, so often dishonored, disallowed, leaked, given to, or stolen with our complicity by, other people. Finding the return path to honoring your own inner wisdom is within the intention of all the work we do. Some of the following have proven worthwhile for me, and may resonate with you.

  • Dowsing/Muscle-testing (kinesiology)/card reading/etc. Initially one might be afraid to think that s/he has all the answers within. There can be doubt or distrust based on bad choices of the past, and thus one might initially wish to play with the recovery of self-trust, by way of seemingly outside tools. I have taught my clients how to dowse with a pendulum or muscle test. Others resonate with cards or I-Ching type tools that boil down to— what appears at a given time pertains to what is going on at the time. The endpoint of any of these practices is: when you see someone who uses such tools, you also see that they eventually hone their intuition to the point of not needing them anymore. Often they might continue to use them solely to take the focus of the person across from them (who might not believe enough that inner guidance in any of us can come to be fully trusted), off of themselves and onto said tool. Should you take on any such practice(s), know that as you work more toward becoming the hollow bone— in the Native American concept of cleansing, clearing, purifying oneself in order that more and more unadulterated Spirit can come through— you shall no longer need to hide behind your tools either. Know that you are exercising the muscle of discernment, by way of the heart and not the mind, and coming to trust your inner compass. Never lose sight of this, and never come to believe in any tool over your heart and your intention, or your humble connection to Spirit.
  • Graphotherapy. I have long been certified in the discipline of Graphotherapy. As opposed to graphology and grapho-analysis, which pretty much believe your writing shows who you are and that this is basically unchangeable, the system I practice believes that writing is a graphic representation of who we are, and that it can be changed. Please visit my Graphotherapy Video page for more on the only approved videos produced on this work. What does your handwriting say about you? A lot! We all learned to write basically the same way, and we have kept what represents us and tossed away that which does not.
  • Active and Passive Meditation/Prayer/Contemplation/etc. I believe a conscious/mindful life can and must include both active and passive versions of such thought, by whatever name you feel comfortable. The passive state is where one becomes the empty vessel, comes to understand thought for what it is (most often more illusion and distraction of the ego mind, from that which is eternal and unchanging). Most people understand the active part— asking for answers, praying for things to go well, whatever. Without an equal balance allotted to the passive, listening state… what new, true information can be received? I teach a basic method of breathing in, through the heart— breathing in what one needs, breathing in light, love, peace, health, harmony, etc. to the body and mind parts that are constricted, ill, resistant, etc… holding that breath in a bit… then exhaling out that which is no longer needed and which no longer serves— out, down through the body, down toward and into the ground where it can be transmuted. Extend this process to include noting whether the breathing in or out is the harder: whether it is harder for one to breathe in the breath of life, whether one is worthy, deserving, whether there is more resistance there than… to breathing out, exhaling, deeply sighing out pressures and stress and all that we hold within us that is heavy. Extend this to now breathing in all we need, through our hearts… then exhaling light and love and compassion, joy, hope, good mojo to all that might need to pull it down from where you send it up there in the ethers. There is obviously more to this, but this basic concept can be built upon. And the passive version basically involves focus and gentle concentration only on one’s breath, and working toward making it a completely balanced circuit, where amount in equals amount out, with no disruptions… along with a focus, in the center of one’s mind, on the highest vibration one can envision— be that by whatever name one feels most comfortable (God/dess, Great Spirit, Buddah, Allah, Jesus, the Virgin, the Creative Force of the Universe, etc.). I work to incorporate such into the mindset of all, in a way that includes everyone and excludes no one. In this manner, this system is complementary to every spiritual and religious practice and belief. Just a tool, to be used in conjunction with all your other tools, for your highest benefit.