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H-Y-P-H-E-N-A-T-E Productions has an impressive track record of producing high-quality, award-winning peoplementaries and instructional videos.

A peoplementary differs from a mainstream documentary in a lot of ways. Operating from the premise that everyone has an appealing story to tell if we just listen, we take pride in bringing to the living rooms of America, insight into the unique characters whom we call neighbors. More loveable neighbors with interesting stories to share… than shots of a host walking with a microphone.

A Slice of Life: Carousels brings us the wonderful recollections of a first ride on the merry-go-round from impassioned collectors; stories of the subtle nuances and strokes of genius of the master carvers by their modern-day descendants; and tales of exciting discoveries of missing pieces and information by historians and afficionados alike. The accent is on personal anecdote over dry fact; letting the experts tell their own stories; and creating an overall texture that, at the end of each program, leaves the viewer with a true feeling for this particular Slice of Life. A Slice of Life: Carousels has been declared by enthusiasts as “the most complete video ever offered on these magical machines and animated animals”; been recommended by Booklist and Library Journal;and heralded for its compassion and many touching moments. Some highlights include: *a detailed look at 8 carousels. *private collections. *carvers/collectors/restorers. *a convention. *a record-setting auction. *and most importantly– intimate, revealing conversations and recollections, of novices and experts alike, on this subject that keeps them youthful in their outlook on life; and hopeful for our continued ability to create.

*60 min., DVD (NTSC)
*Winner: Best Documentary/Best Interview, Houston Int’l Film Festival, Gold Telly Award.

The Spirit of 66: Route 66 focuses on the natives along the way– their stories, recollections, tall tales, anecdotes, and folklore; as well as on the experiences of those who have been drawn here on their own personal, sometimes spiritual, quests. Highlights include: *Bobby Troup as you’ve never seen him– singing his own version of Get your Kicks (on Route 66), resurrecting memories, and winding through treelined asphalt streets behind the wheel of a ’41 Buick convertible. *over 200 proud hometown folks “… standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona…” singing along to Jackson Browne’s “Take it Easy”>, the song that put them on the map. *an historic first look at the caves of Two Guns, Arizona, battleground of Navajo and Apache… the spirit of whom, no doubt, perpetuate the lore of this eery place. *and chats with people along the way… in cafe booths and barber chairs, from behind the wheels of vintage cars, or atop glittery soda fountain stools… historians, longtime residents, and curious newcomers alike– all sharing a spirit of adventure, a hearty appetite, and the value of a good story.
*50 min., DVD (NTSC)
*Winner: Silver Award/News and Documentary Directing, Houston Int’l Film Festival
*“Hands down, the best program on Route 66 that I’ve seen!”— Bobby Troup

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?
Change Your Handwriting, Create Your Future: 40 Days to Accessing Your Dreams!
We all have a very special reason for being here. We also have unique abilities and talents that can make a difference in the lives of others. Many of us, however, are out of touch with our uniqueness, and our purpose in life. Handwriting is a graphic representation of who we are and how we express our gifts. It also indicates where they are hidden. Vimala Rodgers is an educator, motivational speaker, author and Director of the Institute of Integral Handwriting Studies. Let her show you how to alter your handwriting in order to access your hidden dreams and reveal the person you’ve been hiding all these years, the person you’ve always wanted to be in life, the gifted person you really are. This 90-minute course details a 40-day process of practicing *specific changes to help you reach your goals. It includes: *the Vimala Rodgers Handwriting System of letter formations that give you the ability to: *communicate clearly *gently release the effects of the past *acknowledge your self worth *be self reliant, and *design a future based on the real you. Practicing your new writing changes will quickly become a treasured part of your day. The pen is in your hand!
*90 min., DVD (NTSC)
*“clear, direct, and simple”
*“I’m recommending this program to friends, family, teachers and therapists… anyone interested in their own and others’ development.” — Sara Todd, psychotherapist

Click on the links to download a full-color flyer detailing our Carousel and Route 66 peoplementaries and/or the Change Your Handwriting, Create Your Future instructional graphotherapy dvd. And to learn more about a Graphotherapy session with me please visit the Healing-Mentoring page (under “How I Work”) and/or click to download my Graphotherapy flyer.


I come at images the same way I come at words– as an editor who believes something can be representative of more, and which can be evocative and the shorthand communication between, “Hey, this is going on over here in me, is it conveying and relating over there in you?”

Artistic Approach

Some thoughts on my style and the principles driving my work include the following:

  • Inspiration. As in all of my endeavors it is my explicit intent to call Spirit in, and do my best to get out of the way of it. I am fueled by all that puts me (us) in touch with Source (your word here), Beauty, Simplicity, Imagination, Kinship, and the Possibility within us all. That it is possible for us to appreciate the mystical, magical, and whimsical in everyday life in increasingly larger slices… that is the inspiration… the muscle I desire to stretch. For me, noting the “little things” is key to this ongoing process of growth and discovery.
  • Growth. Each image is a step along a path, and as you choose to keep walking that path, you can occasionally take glances back to remember how far you’ve come.

    It is thus a personal path. The potential to learn about oneself by way of noting what the snaps one takes, views, reacts to, or collects say about who he or she is– is an ongoing revelation. Whether one drives his or her subject matter, or just lets it happen, increased self-awareness is inevitable. This comes down to one’s eye- which is really the sum total of a given perspective on life, that has been influenced by nature and nurture, and is in constant flux. As all art is editing–choosing a scene, a moment, a finite bit out of the universe of raw materials, and claiming it symbolic or representative of a much larger whole– those choices can only reflect back on the artist and aficionado themselves. The courageous can then choose to expand their interest in a way that constantly challenges their eye, and ultimately keeps the whole process alive and invigorating.

  • Archetypal. We think, and remember, in images.

    A great photograph stands alongside a great painting, a renowned sculpture, a frozen moment in a cherished film, the phrase that sums up and freezes the classic work in music or literature. For all great art stops time; and among these photography does it the most precisely, and in the greatest synchronicity with our memories of life’s most important and special moments. Each one of our Eureka! moments boils down to the precise millisecond that we got it. And like the photograph the moment is frozen within us for all time.

  • My promise to you–
    • I choose to shoot the images that take me somewhere, and offer those that I hope will take you there too.
    • I strive for a minimum of editing and manipulation, and offer, on a consistent basis, an uncropped frame that humbly announces, “This is the moment you were meant to see.”
    • As in a recipe that can be measured and prepared identically by two people, with two drastically different results, I believe the dish prepared with more love will be all the more appealing to the taste. So long as it is feasible, the developing and printing of each black and white silver-gelatin print shall be personally and lovingly undertaken by myself.
    • And, in honor of those who choose to support fine art photography generated from an original artist’s negative, in my remaining stash of silver gelatin prints I have always intended that runs on limited editions remain… limited. This principle shall always also be upheld in my digital imagery as well. While card sets, posters, and four-color prints may come to be offered on a particular image, please know that the value of your purchase is meant to be preserved… and in a perfect world, increased manyfold over time!

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Photographic Services

I offer a number of number of services that may be of interest, in the arenas of:

  • Candid Portraiture
  • Commission/Assignment work

As individual specifics relating to the above may differ, personal contact may be more effective and preferred. Following are some basic guidelines.

Candid Portraiture

Whenever most people think of a portrait– think school pictures day— they remember sitting in front of some background of an apple orchard they’ve never been to… while sitting on an icy cold stool with their knees strained to the left… neck craned to the right… chin pointed up at the rafters… and generally, a resulting mugshot that no one except Aunt Minnie with glaucoma could ever love.

“That doesn’t look like me.” “They never capture me.” “I’m never comfortable getting my picture taken. It’s a nightmare.”

Enter– Candid Portraiture.

Clients are photographed in their favorite surroundings, doing the things that makes them… them, with a session lasting long enough to forget about that pesky camera.

The resulting shots portray the person(s) you know and love.

A standard session includes up to 2 hours on-site, at $375 min. (more time=more bucks). Forget “package” schemes. You order only the prints you want… and exactly the quantity you want

Call 913-579-7203 or e-mail for more details.

Commission/Assignment work

In addition to my still photography experience I bring that of a Videographer of 40 years, along with the lighting background of a union Set Lighting Technician/Best Boy/Gaffer for motion pictures, television, and commercials, who has worked under a number of the world’s renowned cinematographers. Photography is about light, and I have the capacity to incorporate this vast firsthand knowledge into the success of your project.

From corporate headshots to commercial looks to that signature thematic piece your mantel calls for… I hope you will consider discussing your needs with me.

Rates upon request.


My work has been included in a small number of small shows and the odd gallery or two– these including, but not limited to, Lawrence Art Guild Shows, The UnPlaza Art Fair, Wheatfields, Global Café, The Extreme Art Show (Monarch Gallery, Kansas City), Southwest and More, etc. These have been favorable experiences and I look forward to more in the future.


I like the challenge of attempting to deliver on a creative/artistic goal or mission. A couple enjoyable exercises have included:

  • RealTalk LA Magazine
    RealTalk LA was to be the next publication to hit the stands from LA Weekly publisher Jay Levin. A friend, Christopher Mayes, was cast as art director, and I was assigned a number of photo features along with one writing piece for the premiere issue, extra assignments for insertion into forthcoming issues, and work designated for the promotional collateral. Here I was up with the crème of LA shooters and writers, as Jay had a pool of talent eager to cement their place in the new publication’s staff.

    Each needed to reflect its subject– a notable Angeleno. From graffiti artist Nuke, to public policy visionary Jaime Regalado, actress-comedienne Laurel Hayes, and chief Sheeraz Hasan, avant-garde furniture makers and onto recruiting many spontaneous, willing person-on-the-street portraits.

  • Kansas City Home and Gardens
    The ABC show Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to Kansas City and one of my framed photos was chosen for inclusion by the designer. I was then contracted by KCH&G, with photographing the revamp of the home of a wounded hero/lifesaver KC firefighter, for an extended layout.

Graphic Design

Lacking in drawing and painting skills, I came to discover that some of the left-brained skills required in graphic design, could allow me to begin experiencing some of the joy of creating in this visual way. With the support and examples of two great designer friends, I believe I at least have a decent eye, and can distinguish, within my skillset, good looks from bad.

As an avocation I consider myself a student and fan of design, and have come to take on a bulk of the web and graphic design and product packaging for my wife’s work… of which the design and layout of her first books, the labels for her Pet Alchemist Natural petcare and other product lines and her Moon Goddess Oracle Deck were a few favorites.

Along with having ramrodded a tech company’s corporate website I would have put up against any of the time, I have thrown in on the design of the cd cover (remember cd’s?) and liner work for musician friends, and other fun jobs along the way.

A few sample pet projects:

    • Raviant Networks corporate website. As my only 9-to-5 job ever, I got taken on as #2 man in a 2-man marketing department (later promoted to #1 in a 1-man operation). A main task was the from-scratch development of their corporate identity– including website and all promotional/sales collateral. From concept to implementation, from conceiving and shooting all of the vignettes, incorporating some innovative Flash animation (before Flash became a naughty word), and with tech help from co-worker Brian Hemesath, I always felt we delivered– on-schedule– a site truly representational of Raviant– and a body of work of which I would have not been afraid to put side-by-side with anyone’s. A proud “I put my money where my mouth was” moment on that delivery date.
    • The Mary Magdalene Daily Devotional. One of my perceived most sacred contracts is to serve to deliver support to the all-important work of my wife, Joan Clark. Her work has reached and continues to empower thousands of women. In delivering her website in version 1.0 and now 2.0, I took on the idea that if someone came and poked around and read, to whatever level of interest, of Joan and her work… they would know who she was/is. In I believed this has been achieved. And with design help from Sonia Rodriguez, added photography by Marie Commiskey and Sharyn Hankins, and tech support and the additional design-eye by Greg Barry.

      Similarly, the design, layout, sourcing and delivery of her first major work– The Mary Magdalene Daily Devotional– had to achieve this same affect. This channeled work–consisting of a daily reading throughout the year and background text– was to be the culmination of year’s worth of gestation; the next piece in a body of work consisting of her Goddess Mystery School Teachings, The Magdalene Perfume Collection and other subtle aromatherapy and natural perfumery lines of her own creation; other empowering classes and workshops, retreats and sacred travel.

      Putting into her hands the first copy, off 2 pallets worth, and having her touch/see/smell exactly what her initial vision foresaw… was an incredible moment; and the outpouring of love in response to this work has been joyous.

    • The Pet Alchemist natural petcare line. One of the most satisfying projects for me to have been involved with was the design of labeling and collateral for Joan’s Pet Alchemist natural petcare line– Only the Best… for our Pets! Each offering in the line was inspired by a specific case study. I shot the bulk of the images. And the lightness of the packaging really drives home the loving support, care and pampering– our dedication to simple, natural solutions– that can enhance the lives of our beloved pets.

  • The Moon Goddess Oracle Deck. One of the most profound examples of Joan’s commitment to inspiring and uplifting women comes in her greeting of all as, “Hi Goddess!”. A brilliant idea came to her, noting that there were card decks for sports figures and movie characters, but… what about the honoring of that unique something that each of us is here to share? And so The Moon Goddess Oracle Deck idea was born. Worldly Wisdom… from Everyday Goddesses… like yourself.

    The first installment came from one of the early annual Moon Goddess Retreats. Each woman was tasked with the creation of their theme or p.o.v. or advice, along with creating an image to support that; and then I sat each for their goddess portrait, designated for the flipside of the card. The idea was to be that this deck could continually grow, with workshops/events scheduled in other places, with other women being added along the way.

    Though subsequent series have not yet manifested, this idea continues throughout Joan’s work, in continuing classes, as well as In the B the Messenger line of empowering clothing— including the signature affirmation– I Am What a Goddess Looks Like. And more.